Raise MUCH MORE Money
with MUCH LESS Effort!

Our solution provides schools and organizations with a simple, web-based solution to manage
fundraisers, such as fun runs, walk-a-thons, spell-a-thons, and much more.
We enable you to double or triple the amount of money you raise,
while nearly eliminating the administrative burden. 


Students get their own pages: 

Students and parents can easily track, share, and donate at their own pledge page!

Competition makes events fun: 

Classes or grades can check their standings in real time to compete for things like pizza parties or movie days!

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Accpet donations by credit card: 

Make donating easy for everyone, whether theyʼd like to make a flat or performance-based donation (per

lap etc.)

Share on social networks or email: 

Share on Facebook, Twitter, and email.

Itʼs a great way to reach friends and family anywhere in the world!

Motivate donors: 

Donors can now easily see others that have put their best foot forward, while they make their own donation.